Sam Barlow Band Website

Sam Barlow Band needed a website that they could easily edit content. With the ability for the band to add upcoming shows, new song clips, and concert photos, Sam Barlow Band is more connected with their audience.


Rock Lake Ranch Website

Rock Lake Ranch is an wedding/event/planning venue, located in Anderson, Texas. When Rock Lake Ranch approached me, they were having issues with their current website and needed a new direction. They needed a easy way to be able to post new content and showcase their weddings and events. A more organized approach to the information needed by the future bride, wedding planner, or event planner was needed.

From Rock Lake Ranch

Rock Lake Ranch believes your wedding day should be the best day of your life. From the moment you contact us, you will know you are in good hands. The staff of Rock Lake has worked hard to find interview and sample the food and expertise of the very finest caterers and event coordinators to compliment your special wedding day on the ranch. Our recommended caterers provide outstanding cuisine, first class service, and spectacular presentation. Your wedding coordinator will walk you through every step to personalize and professionally accomplish your wedding plan. No detail is overlooked to make your day magical. Special days might include special arrival and departure details like hot air balloons, helicopters, or horse drawn carriages. Special receptions often include a customized fireworks display over the water for your guests. Tell us your dream day and we’ll do our best to make it possible.


Lorentz™ Solar Pool Pump Training Video

American West Windmill & Solar, the North America dealer of LORENTZ™ pumping products, needed an informative training video for the installation of the LORENTZ™ Solar Pool Pumping Systems. In using this training DVD, American West Windmill & Solar, with their various installers, will be able to better serve their customers with a more consistent installation time and quality of product.

About The LORENTZ™ Pumping Systems From American West Windmill & Solar.

Photovoltaic panels have been providing power for decades. Since 2002, LORENTZ™ has been the world leader in manufacturing solar powered pumping systems. They have recently introduced a solar powered swimming pool pump that eliminates the filtration energy cost of the swimming pool. High quality manufacturing and German engineering have produced this revolutionary product.

Below are a few selections from the LORENTZ™ Solar Pool Pump Training Video.

DVD Total Run Time: 57:23. Watch in 1080p for the best quality.

01 Introduction

02 Assessing The Existing Pool Equipment

08 Assessing The Site

09 Estimating The Install

11 Pump Installation

15 Mounting The Photovoltaic Panels

17 Wiring The Lorentz Components

21 Wiring The Pump Motor

22 System Startup and Operation


LORENTZ™ Ad Campaign

LORENTZ™ is a manufacturer of underground water pumping systems for agriculture and irrigation markets. As a global company, and used to solving the issue of bringing drinking water to underdeveloped regions, LORENTZ™ needed a new ad direction for their North America market. This new direction would apply more to agricultural and farming markets. Working directly with American West Windmill & Solar and LORENTZ™, I was able to give them the visual message that was appropriate and effective for their American market.


South Plains Academy Photography

This, one-day shoot, was commissioned by Aycock Mediaworks, for South Plains Academy in Lubbock, Texas. Aycock Mediaworks was putting together an ad campaign, for the South Plains Academy, and needed a photography library they could apply to their new campaign. The focus and subject matter of the shoot was on the students, faculty, technology, Prometheus Smart Boards, and other important aspects the school provides to it’s students.

South Plains Academy offers educational programs in a community-based, non-traditional setting where teachers are free to be creative and motivate students to explore their full potential. Graduates develop self-esteem, respect for others, and become successful and responsible citizens. They realize the importance of hard work and the value of continual learning from then on.