Fun With Portraits

Testing a few camera body and lens options with my good friend Dustin.


Lubbock Sports

Sports photography for use in a Lubbock sports facilities guide. The purpose of the guide is to show Lubbock facilities for sporting events and tournaments. Each photograph was used as a title page for its respective sport and facility.


South Plains Academy Photography

This, one-day shoot, was commissioned by Aycock Mediaworks, for South Plains Academy in Lubbock, Texas. Aycock Mediaworks was putting together an ad campaign, for the South Plains Academy, and needed a photography library they could apply to their new campaign. The focus and subject matter of the shoot was on the students, faculty, technology, Prometheus Smart Boards, [...]


Nissan Xterra

A few commercial / advertising shots of a Nissan Xterra. We drove out to Santa Teresa, New Mexico in order to get the prefect shot. Avoiding dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and dune buggies, I managed to get the most out of the 4-wheel drive in the Xterra. We “crawled” up to the location and once the sun [...]


Briggs + Bruce

Father’s day was just around the corner and we all know that pets are our children. Our neighbor decided to surprise her husband with a few framed portraits of their dogs, Briggs and Bruce. After tiring the two out playing fetch, Briggs and Bruce were hamming-it-up for the camera and I was able to get [...]


Jim Ward’s Album Release Show @ The Percolator

Jim Ward, of At The Drive In, Sparta, and Sleepercar, had his album-release at The Percolator. Good songs, good tone, good show.


Sam Barlow Band

Sam Barlow, hailing from Austin, Texas, is a local El Paso, blues guitarist. Working on his new “trio” project, Sam needed some new branding and artwork to promote his music.