Lower Dyer Community Center Logo


Recently, the Lower Dyer Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (LRDSA) approached me as they were looking for a way to brand the Lower Dyer Community Center and help unite the image of this evolving community. I created two design solutions for the center, both of which reflect the star that is displayed on the Franklin Mountains of NE El Paso. This local icon is the largest man-made, illuminated star in the country; as this is an important aesthetic of the city, the LRDSA and I both agreed it would be the perfect face for their campaign.

After completing my design, the LRDSA entered the two designs in a contest that will be voted on by local citizens. I am very excited to see which of the two designs the community chooses and to have one of these logos represent the Lower Dyer Community Center of El Paso, Texas.

About The Lower Dyer Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area

The Lower Dyer Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (LDNRSA) is a community wide effort led by the City of El Paso, residents, community organizations, local businesses, faith community and local educational entities in the hopes of providing a new sense of pride in the targeted area. Through extensive partnerships, residents and businesses within the targeted area are able to access services provided by local non profit organizations. In addition, various departments in the City will be addressing issues such as code enforcement, gang prevention-intervention, traffic issues, housing development, street and drainage and more. This 5 year plan was created by the community and is community driven though partnerships.

Design Solution 01

Design Solution 02

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