Sara + Kyle Save The Date Announcements

A two-sided mailer announcement. Sara, Kyle, Fattens, Dexter and Butters all made the Save the Date announcements. These are illustrations of each of their family. Fattens is the fat one!


Vulture Illustration

A digital illustration using scanned texture to bring life to the vulture. This was commissioned for an ad campaign that never happened, but the illustration stands on it’s own.


Sam Barlow Band Album Design

An album design for Sam Barlow Band, a texas blues band in El Paso, Texas. Sam approached me with his vision for a throw-back album to represent his blues style. The aesthetic of the Sam Barlow Band album is a vintage, record-esque design with a modern twist.


American West Windmill / Lorentz™ Magazine Ads

Advertising campaign for a partnership between American West Windmill & Solar Co. and LORENTZ™. Ads ran in various, underground water pumping industry specific magazines.


Gicon Pumps & Equipment Engineered Products Catalog

Product catalog design for Gicon Pumps & Equipment’s Engineered Products Division. Through Graphic Design, Photography and a few photos pulled from web, I layed out a catalog solution for Gicon Pumps & Equipment.


Logo Book

Various Logos and Identity Marks


LORENTZ™ Ad Campaign

LORENTZ™ is a manufacturer of underground water pumping systems for agriculture and irrigation markets. As a global company, and used to solving the issue of bringing drinking water to underdeveloped regions, LORENTZ™ needed a new ad direction for their North America market. This new direction would apply more to agricultural and farming markets. Working directly [...]


Lower Dyer Community Center Logo

Recently, the Lower Dyer Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (LRDSA) approached me as they were looking for a way to brand the Lower Dyer Community Center and help unite the image of this evolving community. I created two design solutions for the center, both of which reflect the star that is displayed on the Franklin Mountains [...]


Blu-Binz Identity Mark

Blu-Binz Curbside Recycling is a brand new homegrown business based in Seagrove Beach. By providing convenient, economical, weekly pick-up service along 30A and in South Walton County, their goal is to encourage recycling in an area and community where the environment should be appreciated the most. I designed this logo in working with my good friend, [...]


Trés Energy Brokerage LLC. Identity Mark Design

Trés Energy Brokerage LLC. is a Houston, Texas based energy and natural gas trading corporation. Trés Energy is a is owned and managed by three traders, hence the name Trés. The number three is an important aspect of their company and this is reflected in the logo. The use of three natural gas flames and [...]


Gicon Pumps & Equipment Ltd. SPS Sales Guide

The Gicon Pumps & Equipment SPS pump station is a small to medium-sized preasure pump station. With this new product came the need for a simple and straight forward, 8 page, sales guide. Using a clean layout, bulleted information, easy to read graphs and detailed photography, Sean Sanford Creative gave Gicon Pumps what they needed [...]


Send Me An Angel: Wedding Invitational

It’s always great to work with music lovers and when Ceci and Paul asked me to put together a wedding invitation package for them I was thrilled. When they met each other, for the first time, Send Me An Angel by Real Life was “pumping” on the house PA. Incorporating the song into the concept [...]